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Senior Capstone Project

Training Communicators for the Cultural Shift of New Generations in the Workplace



The workforce is currently composed of four generations, and with it we are faced with a cultural shift in communication as the tail-end of millennials and Generation Z continue to enter the field.


This project aims to promote effective communication practices that bridges the intergenerational gap in the workplace. In collaboration with my internship in Communications at Jefferson Lab and Professor Alison Lietzenmayer of Old Dominion University, I have taken a strategic approach to develop a capstone proposal, strategic communication plan, and a training module.


While this training was developed as an HR and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) external resource for Jefferson Lab as part of the capstone course, it is open and encouraged for other national laboratories and organizations to implement into their trainings.

The Generations

There are four main generations currently active in the workforce: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. According to Gao (2023), generational differences in traits occur due to impactful events, technological advancements, pop culture, and changing social norms. As each generation grows up in different cultural and technological environments, they develop specific behaviors, attitudes, and communication styles. Therefore, recognizing and respecting these differences can greatly improve workplace communication and cohesion in the midst of cultural shifts.


By participating in this training, whether you are a long-serving leader or a fresh graduate entering the professional world, I hope you can use this knowledge to positively impact your organization.

training course:

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My name is Lauren Weber

Thanks for visiting my capstone project and participating in my training course. Interested in my other professional work and communications research? Check out my projects or my resume!

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